Here’s what our patients are saying:

The problem I have been suffering with is lower back, hip, and leg pain. I was unable to sit, stand, or bend without being in pain. Being out in my garden is something I was unable to do. Adjustments, therapy, and exercises have helped my lower back tremendously. I am able to walk, bend, and sit with no pain as well as work in my garden. I rate my pain 95 percent better. Dr. Acord is excellent. He takes time to explain and answer your questions. He also cares about helping you. The staff is wonderful, professional, and very knowledgeable. I recommend Purvis Chiropractic to anyone. It is the healthy way to be pain free.
-Elizabeth, Lumberton, MS

I had lower back pain so bad I could hardly walk or move without being in extreme pain. This had been going on for a month. I also had neck pain and sinus problems. My job depended on me getting better. After going to a spine specialist and a general practitioner, both suggested I get a MRI with $1,000 deductible. They also recommended pain medication and possible pain shot. Purvis Chiropractic has excellent treatment, easy to talk too, and quick service. I was 80% better after a month. I went from barely walking to being able to move myself into a new home and exercising again. My neck and sinuses are also better.
-Mike, Hattiesburg, Ms

First of all I want to thank God, for working through Dr. Acord. With Gods help, Dr. Acord has gotten me to where I can at least get around.

I have had back and leg problems for years. I have gone to the Emergency Room and had to be wheeled in sitting in a wheelchair. I have gone to many doctors; I have had x-rays and other tests and no one could find a reason for me to be in such pain.

When the problem first started years ago, it would come and go, but for the last year it has been a constant pain. I knew I had to have something done, but I didn’t know what to do. I did a lot of praying and I fully believe that the Lord sent me to Purvis Chiropractic, where they did x-rays and found that I had a pinched nerve in my back and neck. Also, from the x-ray’s Dr. Acord was able to tell that I had bone spurs and arthritis as well. I responded really well to the treatments. I would recommend them to anyone.

The girls are so sweet, caring, and very professional. Everyone is so friendly, and I have to say, that Dr. Acord is not only a good doctor, but also, a good human being. I believe he really cares about his patients. Through God, he has given me quality of life.

Like everything else you also have to do your part, in order for it to work. As an example: “I asked him if I could walk a little now. He said yes I could, but don’t walk ten miles, and come back and say, my back hurts.” I thought that was so funny, because that’s just how we are,

All I can say is Dr. Acord, and his staff are great just try them.
-Peggy, Hattiesburg, MS

I have suffered from major low back pain and migraines. My back problems have been going on for 20 plus years. I drive a bus several hours a day. The bouncing and jarring made my back pain worse. I have had steroid shots for my low back with no success. Also, I have taken muscle relaxers for the pain. When I began treatment I was in a wheelchair for the first seven visits. On my eight visits, I was able to use my walker. My back is doing so much better. Treatment has made my posture better. At the 30 day mark, I felt 90% improvement. It’s like a traded in back; I think the doctor gave me someone else’s back. I want it to stay like that too. I LOVE my new back, Thanks to Dr. Acord.

Migraines came daily for me. I rarely went without some type of headache. Some were more severe than others. I’ve had migraines for 25 years. As for medications, I have taken Imitrex, Topamax, Compazine, Loratab, and Percocet. For the record, Imitrex is what cause me to have a migraine and brain stem stroke on September 25, 2015. The stroke paralyzed my right side and put me in a wheelchair. The medication has major side effects that I didn’t take time to read and I wish I had. As a patient of Purvis Chiropractic, I felt very comfortable. Dr. Acord explained his plan of action up front to me. He asked if I had any questions about anything and if there was something I didn’t understand. I haven’t had one migraine since I’ve been at Purvis Chiropractic. I’ve had EXCELLENT results. Nothing but good can be said about Purvis Chiropractic. Dr. Acord solved my migraines and low back pain. Words could never express my gratitude. You couldn’t ask for a friendlier doctor or treatment care. I AM PROOF!!
-Vickie G., Purvis MS

Before I saw Dr. Acord, I had neck and lower back pain, along with headaches and numbness in my right arm. I have suffered with this pain for twelve years or more. I saw another Chiropractor in the past, took over the counter medication, and used massage therapy, all with temporary relief. I like the care at Purvis Chiropractic because Dr Acord laid out a detailed plan of care to accomplish my goal of getting well, not just patching the problem. I also like the holistic approach. I am very pleased with the results that I received from Purvis Chiropractic. The staff is very friendly and professional. I would recommend Purvis Chiropractic to anyone in pain. I live thirty seven miles from Purvis and I would have to say that it is well worth the drive to get the results I have experienced.
-Randi S., Columbia MS

I had been suffering with serious pain from neuropathy for about 3 years. My long time family doctor tried three different pain drugs. Those three drugs he prescribed me with were no help. The doctor then referred me to pain control clinic which only increased me taking more drugs. When I first seen Dr. Acord I was using a motorized wheel chair. After the eight visit, I started feeling sensation in my feet. Standing for longer periods of time was getting better for me. I was able to start using a walker instead of my motorized wheel chair. My walking was improving also. I am so pleased with the changes I have seen. I am 76 years old; I want what years I have left to be the best they can be. One day I would be happy to say” Look at me, I am DRUG and PAIN FREE!” Purvis Chiropractic Clinic made me feel welcome to a dedicated group that was willing to help me. Dr. Acord gave me hope that something could be done to make my life better. I am so happy to see improvements of neuropathy pain. My feet and legs are SO much better! Thank you Dr. Acord for everything you have done for me.
-Pauline H., Hattiesburg MS

I was having lower and mid back pain when I started seeing Dr. Acord.  Sleeping and lifting were difficult.  I also suffered with infertility problems for three years.  The low and mid back pain was ongoing for several months.  Within two weeks of being treated for my back pain, I noticed a change in my body.  One week later I had a positive pregnancy test.  The problem in my back had everything to do with my reproductive system.  The staff treated me great and the treatment worked.  I now have a beautiful two month old baby boy and little to no back pain!  I would definitely recommend going to see Dr. Acord.  He is very informative about your condition and genuinely cares about getting you better without any medications or surgery.
-Lacey L., Purvis MS

I’ve had problems with headaches, dizziness, IBS, neck, mid and low back pain. I have suffered with these problems at least 10 years. When walking for periods of time my ankles and knees begin to swell. On my 7th visit of seeing Dr. Acord, I was having less ankle and knee pain. My headaches are very infrequent now. The dizzy spells are gone. My IBS problem has improved greatly. I can now walk without any knee or ankle pain. The staff at Purvis Chiropractic is wonderful, friendly, and caring. I highly recommend Purvis Chiropractic. I can’t believe how quickly I have felt better after years of problems.
-Denise T., Lumberton MS